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    Optimal sentiment for BSV building

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As a world traveler who interacts with many of our beautiful BSV community, I am writing to state that all is not optimal in our BSV camp. I know Sun tsu and tactics to some proficiency and although one wagon of the enemy's supplies is worth 20 of our own, and Mao Zedong wrote in depth of the value of the fortitude of those who were on the long march with him. It is true that 300 spartan elite is superior to 300,000 fair-weather fans. With that said, our camp has been financially win deprived for 5 years now and many of us have faced losses year after year, loss of face to our wives, technical communities, and investment peers. Our smart technical peers will not look at the tech, would not consider building without getting paid first, and outside investment communities beyond Ayre Ventures will not fund a BSV project. This double edged sword has kept only the believers like myself who have seen the pathway since the BCH/BTC fork but even some I speak with inside the payroll of Calvin Ayre feel overexposed to a dream with truly one failure point.. This failure point is not CSW, its Calvin Ayre as he is the sole funder of all ventures BSV related and like the olod days of trying to raise IT venture capital where we sent a overthought e-mail to sequia capital or some other tech investing shark, we are failing to utilize the benefits of a few critical advantages of a growing community which sees the vision and dream of bitcoin. Free labor and I am talking about elite labor often works on risk reversal basis where they gain equity when they believe were going to make something big. This simply is not happening in BSV these days. People with the business networks and capacities to help good projects become great simply think its too risky to invest their valued time in this. Having lead many companies, paying people alot has never been the right path, soft power in the form of them believing in the vision so they can run home and tell their friends, their support base, and bring more to the war camp, or in this example, engineering site is a tail wind we simply are not getting. I wrote my wife a poem called "the dreams which have to die" about how we have been ambitions and productive but still many dreams still cannot be done and we simply must be selective. In my case I am repositioning my career away from the business I built for the last 10 years as I sell it and leave the country for Japan again and the people I speak to about working on BSV are of a very low morale to my concepts which is robbing me of critical talent and instead of attracting capital outside Ayre ventures from the distributed pool of people who do know crypto and in our use, bitcoin, can guy the 96% revenue sucking youtube, the IP theiving google, and the silicon valley cabal, our team waivers the way a 5 year startup with little progress does.I know we may be actively being suppressed by many forces which we cannot beat, but if we truly want tailwind not just to get rich quick, but to help these projects BUIDL, BSV is going to need to make progress so that the highly talented believers like myself and many other technical people can boast their projects and pump them out. Lets not let row 8 and rad go the way of streamanity, we need an invigorated camp, more motivated investor capital, and the soft power that comes from a growing tribe and not a tribe that is watching bitcoin die while craig fights with the CTO of ripple and holdonaut. I understand the value of setting legal precedents, but the majority of those who evn publicly claim to be believers are simply not as interested to invest our limited and most valueable asset, time. Furthermore, no one is doing 18 hour work sessions to get something live ASAP in our community in this weather and I want to see that.Let us unleash the real weapons in our arsenal and yes i do mean the tulip trust, the N chain patents, and the chain analytics which prove fraud from our biggest enemies. for once we are in the arena, no one gets to go home until all of our enemies are dead.

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