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What is ōLand?

An NFT called “ōLand” represents both digital real estate within Overline’s wireless metaverse and 1.67 Acres of actual land.

What is overline network?

Overline is a people-owned decentralized wireless network that does to telecommunications what Bitcoin did to banking, a multichain protocol to execute transactions between blockchains WIRELESSLY without cellular service or the internet in general.

How much cryptocurrency will my Land plot produce?

It is determined by the location of your Land. The more wireless activity on your plot, the more mining rewards it will receive. Land plot rewards, like everything else in the Overline ecosystem, can be boosted with Emblems (EMB).

What else am I able to do with Land?

Consider Land to be a new type of account. Instead of a dull user portal, Land will provide a fun graphic interface where the user can walk around and explore their account. Users can also send messages to people on their Land, teleport their NFTs between blockchain networks, store items, track their crypto rewards, and much more.

How to Claim oLand for Free?

Until the minting date, Oland is giving away free oLand PLOT NFT. They are building a wireless network for the people. Simply enter your email address, and you’re done!This is still an invite only airdrop. Lucky for you, you can use mine: https://overline.network?key=kYcOidSFTBuJ


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