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    How can DuroDogs be perfected?

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DuroDogs is an online NFT game played on Bitcoin SV. For more than 1 year, we both had fun playing and earned money by trading. The trading volume and BSV circulating in the market were relatively high, but the decline in the crypto market negatively affected the game as it did everything else. Trade volume has decreased, although new people have joined the game. Here are a few ideas I thought of for developing the game. I wanted to share it with dear DuroDogs players. So what can be done?

There are too many NFTs in the game and NFTs have no functions. Therefore, having NFT does not benefit the player. First of all, every NFT must have a purpose. BarkBattle is almost over, but the game seems too complicated and not enough on its own. In addition, the serial number of NFTs negatively affected trading. Everyone is trying to find serial numbers like #0, #38, and #83. Because other tricks are worthless and no one wants to buy them. For example, I now only dig when NFTs first come out. There's no reason for me to dig afterward. If NFTs are intended to be used, this negative situation will disappear.

So how can NFTs be made useful?

1- Sunglasses, collar, bandana, bowtie, etc. The digging of constantly dug items should be stopped and their number should be reduced by using them for ''building''. (Because there are thousands of these items and they are very worthless.)

2- The item that is constantly being mined must be a functional item such as "wood". In this way, the player who constantly plays the game and digs will be very advantageous.

3- All items must be usable for "building". That way, the item itself, not the serial number, will be valuable, and players will have a purpose to constantly dig.

- Building -

There may be kennels in the game that can be purchased using different items. These huts will have several levels.

For example:

Level 1 Kennel (1000 wood + 10 yellow collars + 1 martian antennas)Level 2 Kennel (2000 wood + 30 red bowtie + 2 dark magic orbs)Level 3 Kennel (10k wood + Captain Morgan's Tricorne + 50 red collar)Level 4 Kennel (20k wood + UFO + #0 Pumpkin Pal + 50 blue bowtie) etc.

Kennels will provide extra advantages to the player who owns it. For example: Finding more NFT when dug. With this method, the worthless NTFs in the players' inventory will gain value and the trade will become very strong.

4- "Item sets" should be made functional.

For example;

Players with a mining set (mining helmet, mining lamp, mining goggles) should be able to dig up to level 4, or players with 4 pendants with the same serial number should be able to dig items that no one else can access.

By DuroDogs management remember how much the trade went up when they were told that pendants with the same serial number would give players an advantage?

5- Continuity of trade

For example;

Suppose there are 2 types of players in the game. Player A is constantly digging and collecting wood and will use this wood for "building". Player B, on the other hand, has no time to play the game and needs the wood to build. Player B will be able to get wood from player A, who is constantly digging and collecting wood. From an item that can be mined continuously constantly making money. I think it's wonderful!


6- A special DuroDogs NFT series crafted by an artist may be available for sale on a platform such as TakeitNFT or Rarecandy. These NFTs will increase the visual quality of the game. Players who also own dogs in this series can get in-game privileges. In addition, a financial resource is created for DuroDogs developers.

7- In the real world, dogs often have owners. Just like in the kennel, An upgradeable avatar can be added to the game. Dogs walking around with their owners in a 3D DuroDogs game played in the Metaverse universe... Have you imagined? I think it would be great.

These ideas can be realized after a long and difficult process. The DuroDogs team has the power to do this. I'm sure they have many different and beautiful ideas.As a person who enjoys playing this game, I wanted to express my opinions. Maybe they're inspired :)

I'm curious about your thoughts too...

Woof woof!

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    No title · 1 month ago

    Valuable insight, especially regarding serial numbers. I'm digging this way, spending many thousands of threats in the first hours after the new series was published, I'm certainly not the only one who does this. It seems to me that in order to encourage digging at all times, serial numbers should be completely removed, as is the case with eggs on twetch.

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    underrated overthinker · 1 month ago

    IMHO DuroDogs team should improve the gameplay and simply find a way to make the game more fun. Something like adding multiplayer elements.. I think it may also help to increase value of the items.

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    Just a naughty doggie dog · 1 month ago

    DuroDogs is such a simple game that makes everyone think and dream about what it can be 💭🔮