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    Future predictions when IPv6 reaches 100%

    5YEARS BSVer

If the entire network infrastructure is metanetized with BSV blockchain + IPv6, coins other than BSV will become garbage, and ledger hardware wallets will also become garbage.

It is implemented at the TCP/IP level and is by no means an extension. Any understanding here would be appreciated. *In the future, BSV wallets will be implemented in all browsers, so a hardware wallet with only one type of BSV + stable as a backup is ideal. There is also the possibility that the BSV wallet will be implemented on a motherboard basis. Craig said there are also plans for his $5 single-use BSV wallet.After all, with a hot wallet like Handcashalmost perfect securityIt won't happen until it happens.Assuming that, I think that the BSV wallet will be implemented at the OS level, so at this time, I think that the wallet function will be implemented, linked to the Microsoft account entered when installing Windows 11, and linked to that account. As long as you authenticate your wallet with , you don't have to enter a username and password, you don't have to authenticate with the internet, all the apps you have installed, and your browser. Still, unlike his current WEB2, the organizer does not keep user data.If you want to know this image, try using Handcash on BSV. Wouldn't it be great if that actually happened? Apple currently bans apps that don't support IPv6.

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