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BSV is now available from Handcash, HasteARCADE

AMAZONCARD is now available for purchaseThe crypto industry is flooded with scams, with 80% of them being scams.There are many scams other than FTX, so be careful. Promising a high return on investment during this period,Be suspicious of anything advertised with new coins as it is a scam.Do you have a decent app running at the moment? Don't you have to worry about leaks in your wallet?What can we do now?Compare it with the BSV standard.With PayPistol for BSV wallet handcash299 splits of $1 for 299 people at a timecan send. 0.15 seconds per person Immediate experienceThis is currently only available in BSV and is being developed by the government.CBDC and current VISA and MASTERCARD,Even PAYPAL can't do it. BSV = BITCOINRecognize how far ahead you are.Real innovation in cryptocurrencies is happening only at BSV.I can already see victory.

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